Our understandings.

There is just too much emphasis in our self-seeking and individualist society on being happy or self-esteem or self-love and other such distractions. There isn’t enough emphasis on becoming honourable, having a sense of duty towards higher values, respect for elders, working hard and using ones time wisely, helping the weak, and so forth. It’s all about the self-worship within this fleeting and highly finite existence that nobody will or can hold onto by decontextualising the issues and concentrate on what the people want.

Arrogant people are constantly trying to talk about themselves or prove their superior capabilities to others, whereas confident people need not resort to rhetoric – it exhibits itself quietly and subtly and they’re more interested in other people and their degree of understanding. Social networking really contains an insufferable amount of such vanity, and I’m tired of coming across it day to day.

They’re what you get in a party oligarchy, such as the other Parties, whom are trying to sustain their special privilege against the tides of change. As I am sure you are presently experiencing, there is a certain level of active malevolence in all humans. It’s the part of us that perks up at the misfortune of others, even if we have nothing personally to gain from their misfortune. It’s the part of us that says, I’m glad that’s not me when misfortune befalls someone. It’s the same part that if you do me a favour, deep down inside I resent you because I owe you.

This is what we are seeing in the UK. Europe opens it’s borders to allow immigrants seeking a better life to assimilate. But rather than assimilate and take on the values of their host nation, they are for the most part only embracing the ideals they previously shared in the country they fled, therefore some of the dysfunctional problems that made them flee their country in the first place.

Make no mistake. No country/culture is perfect. I don’t believe in yearning for the good old days for the sake of nostalgia.

But if we are being honest, I will say that in 100 years at the present growth rate of Islam versus other religions, it will be interesting to see if the rights and values we hold so dear will become a footnote of the past, or worse, not even a footnote, because talk of freedom is dangerous to values that thrive on oppression and ignorance. On our current path, it is noted war is a foregone conclusion.

Rising population alone would call for this, religion and ideological differences will hasten this most assuredly. Unless extremists takes a hard look at themselves and make changes, namely in terms of trying to impose unscrupulous laws throughout the world, there will be massive conflict.

Free society will not stand to allow any religion infringe upon a free and modern society. Once you cannot criticize something, it inherently gains a power. If left alone, it will become totalitarian.

Everyone tries inadvertently not to offend on purpose. If they do that’s the active malevolence kicking in again unfiltered by reason. myself, Ukip, and intelligent people are coming under fire for speaking out against the disappearance of western culture.

Other religions are becoming the dominant item on most agendas. And that’s fine, except we don’t want to see our values buried in 7th century Sharia. Only time will tell, but we fear the writing is on the wall. We are not saying there aren’t peaceful Muslims. The majority are in fact peaceful.

It’s the ideology that everyone fears, and when enough people believe in a common theme, rightly or wrongly, it is that much easier for things that would be unheard of before come to be with a majority. Have a little respect for yourself and vote Ukip.

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