Help to keep warm

Volunteers Needed to Help Vulnerable People in Todmorden Stay Warm

I am interested in hearing from any charitable organisations or philanthropic groups who would assist in looking for Volunteers to Help Vulnerable People Stay Warm during the continual cold days .We are looking for people who can volunteer a couple of hours a month in their local area to help people in the community, especially older people and those on low incomes stay warm this winter and at the same time gain some benefit for them selves.

Over 1 in 5 households in Todmorden are estimated to be in fuel poverty with an national average of winter deaths” a year according to the NHS. A few of the households in Todmorden are not on mains gas and these particularly are some of the reasons
why a charitable organisation is required to assistance in keeping local residents of Todmorden warm over the cold months .

We should also be asking for more volunteers to act as village coordinators to help prevent deaths and illness arising from cold homes. Volunteers can also assist in talking to local people, making them a nice hot drink and passing on the charitable items like blankets and warm clothing to a central collection point.

If people think they could help, or if they would like to know more and join as a volunteer they could phone the perspective organisation or me at 07884197868

The scheme should be open to all households, businesses and community groups.

The more volunteers that are available the better chance we would have of helping the elderly and less fortunate..

After you have given this some serious thought give us a ring and we can disuses it further…..

Cllr C.M.Baksa

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