For the Benifit of Tomorden

We need to seriously have discussions with the so called voice of the public on health and social care services like the Patient participation Group and any other groups that are concerned with this aspect of life.

I think the Todmorden Council should consider a network of local people and organisations that work together to help improve health and social care in Todmorden but in order to do this we need to know what people think about the offered services so that we can work together with them to make them better.

The main consideration should be to find out what people think and feel about local health and social care services and where necessary we can then appoint volunteer council members to work initially with these responsible people to improve the services provided in order to hear both positive and negative comments before these committees make major decisions.

The Todmorden Council surely have powers by law; one of which is to Carry out “Enter and View” visits to see the standard and quality of the services being provided in care/nursing, Schooling homes and medical centers. where after we can then send reports and comments to the appropriate bodies for their consideration and action.

Obviously what will be needed is volunteers who are enthusiastic, have worked in the Health and Social care services before and have an interest in wanting to make a difference in our local area.

One consideration is the P.P.G’s recent acquisition of the Adult fitness equipment recently installed within the local Park.

In a meeting dated June 14th at 5.30 where it was proposed and decided that adult equipment be bought and installed, to save the elderly community their dignity, in adult surroundings close to drinking facilities as this was felt that it would be a much more friendlier meeting place .

This project brought a new dimension to outdoor activity in Todmorden and I am sure everyone was delighted to have been involved as it was a great starting point for people who wanted to have a go at getting in shape, for free – an added bonus in these difficult financial times.

The benefits of outdoor exercise and activity are now well highlighted throughout the UK, with many stories depicting that outdoor exercise can help to improve mental and physical health, while exercise programs have been shown to be as effective as antidepressants in treating mild to moderate depression.

It therefore was agreed that regular exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but cost and accessibility canbe barriers to gym use. The outdoor gym gives Todmorden elderly residents the chance to work out for free in the fresh air, 24 hours a day.

However during a recent visit it was discovered that the elderly people were unable to use some pieces of the equipment owing to the unsuitability for the elderly of one piece that supposedly exercises the legs when peddling.

Cllr C.M.Baksa

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