Dog Fouling

The Todmorden Council continues to receive a large number of complaints about dog fouling, Dogs jumping up at people,and generally making a nuisance of them selves particularly in the recreation ground like the park and on the canalbanking and paths leading to them.

One incident only last Saturday when I was strolling to the town centre via the tip side I came across a youth with a pit-bull dog which was presently doing its business. As I walked by the individual, I noticed he then covered the mess the dog had left by kicking snow over the top to disguise it.

This incident happened just in front of the play center where pre-school and young children play and is a serious health and safety issue… The next day after lots of rain, causing the snow to be cleared, I again viewed the same spot and noticed an awful lot of excrement that was not picked up but had in actual fact been walked into.

I know it is common knowledge that all dog owners are asked to ensure that they clear up dog waste wherever they are walking and deposit this in one of the many bins provided, but they should also be continually reminded to please help to keep our local environment a safe and pleasant place to live and walk.

Whilst it is appreciated that the majority of dog owners dispose of waste either in one of the bins provided and maintained by the Council, or at home, it is clear that there are a number of irresponsible owners who do not or else dispose of waste in hedgerows and other grassed areas around Todmorden. Therefore this small minority poses a serious health risk to other members of the community and should also be aware that dog fouling is an offence subject to an on-the-spot fine of £50.00 or a maximum fine of £1,000.00.

The Todmorden Council should be committed to taking all necessary steps to eradicate this problem and should be working to this end with Calderdale Council which has a statutory duty to promote responsible dog ownership.

I have been led to believe that Calderdale Council have now come around to the idea of Fixed Penalty Notice training that some of the front line teams have attended and further lessons are presently being given to a lot more of their services personnel.

As mentioned previously this is an excellent way and a great assistance to the community constables in dealing with petty crime, and I believe all councillors should be enrolled for the classes and be gratifyingly responsible in tiding our streets + parks.

It should also be common knowledge that anyone wishing to report an incidence of dog fouling can either contact the Council directly, by telephone or in person.

Cllr C.M.Baksa

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